About us

BLACK BLOCK® was created by farmers for farmers. It was born from the need for a product that would lead to high quality, consistent and reliable results. A low acquisition and operation cost that provides the convenience of being able to be accessed and controlled remotely. A robust equipment that enables intensive and professional use.

This equipment did not exist and was then created – initially in projects in which the company was directly involved. The intensive use of this first equipment has led to successive improvements and fine tuning. Result after result, a product that was technologically innovative, with an extraordinary reliability and durability started to appear. Thus, the BBKW company was born with the firm intention to offer the agricultural market an innovative drying solution: BLACK BLOCK®.

The agricultural producers´ recognition for our equipment and conquering their trust and preference encourage the company today to continue the search for better solutions ever more adapted to their needs.
The conclusion of cooperation protocols with the University of Évora, partnerships with producing and exporting companies and the close collaboration with technological hubs like Microsoft or EDP itself has one sole purpose: to technologically enhance equipment that provide excellence in the work in the field.


In 2015 it won the EDP INNOVATION Prize, becoming a pioneer in the award of this prize to a product for agricultural use.