Black Block

What is it

BLACK BLOCK® is a hybrid solar drying system, designed to dehydrate food and agribusiness products – such as aromatic herbs, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms or industrial products such as cork and wood – ensuring their conservation and adding value to them.
Created by producers for producers, it is an intelligent system designed from the ground up to ensure a quality, automatic and low energy cost drying process.

How it works

A quality drying performance requires a balance between the heat supplied and the relative humidity of the air inside the drying chamber. Only this way the sensory and nutritional characteristics of plant material are preserved: stabilizing the microbiological activity, chemical and enzymatic reactions.

BLACK BLOCK® collects temperature and humidity data through sensors. This data is analyzed in real time, by an automatic program that controls all the equipment, in order to stabilize the drying environment parameters at optimal levels and thus achieve a quality drying performance with maximum energy savings.

The calculation algorithm which is the brain of BLACK BLOCK® always prioritises entry of warm air from the solar collectors, maximizing the use of this source of renewable energy, which is clean and free of charge. During the night, it opts for auxiliary energy, taking advantage of dual tariffs and activates the equipment to ensure drying continuity.

The drying control and monitoring is locally or remotely possible, via a computer or smartphone, anywhere in the world. The user can access drying data, set values, switch devices on and off.