Usa o sol como fonte de energia preferencial


Soluções modulares de 40 a 120 m3


Inteligente e programavél


Qualidade de secagem


An innovative system to dehydrate food, with the lowest installation and operational costs in the market. Created by producers for producers, it is an intelligent system, capable of producing results with high quality standards. It is modular and can be expanded to keep pace with business growth. All the drying process can be monitored in real time and in any part of the world.

Through intelligent control of drying parameters, reliable and constant results are obtained. The reduction of operational costs is dramatic, thanks to the use of the energy potential of the sun. During the day it has an unbeatable drying capacity, with a very low operational cost.

In the evening, it uses electrical power from the grid in conventional equipment such as dehumidifiers and heaters, managed intelligently, by the BLACK BLOCK® programmer algorithm, optimizing the drying process in terms of costs and quality.

How It Works

The success of effective drying is measured by the following key indicators:
Degree of humidity, color, aroma, flavor and texture.

In order to obtain good results it is necessary to have a controlled drying process that balances the heat supplied to the system with the relative humidity of the air inside of the drying chamber. The first few hours are critical, as the relative humidity is very high. At this stage it is absolutely necessary to control the drying environment, in order to quickly remove the huge amount of moisture initially released by the plants. Once this period is successfully achieved, the remaining process may occur with greater or lesser speed, therefore the control of the temperature/relative humidity balance remains the key.

The user can choose through pre-defined programs for longer drying times or more economical or slower, making it possible to manage the volume to dry according to their needs.

BLACK BLOCK® acts intelligently, managing all drying parameters, at any time and in an automatic way.


It always chooses the most economical and effective process. In other words, it gives priority to the entry of hot and dry air from the outside, when the temperature and humidity in the solar collectors is more favorable than the interior. In this way, whenever there is sun, the optimum drying conditions are easily achievable: drying temperatures of 40ºC and humidity below 8%.


During the night or in adverse weather conditions, the program stops the intake of external air. In other words, when the temperature and/or relative humidity of air stored in the solar collectors may no longer be capable of drying, the system automatically closes its records and isolates the drying camera. The system enters, then, into dehydration mode through mechanical dehumidification

Optimized Drying

Throughout the drying process, and through the continuous reading of the data in sensors and their incorporation into the algorithm, BLACK BLOCK® decides whether there is a need to turn on heaters and/or dehumidifiers, if it is necessary to carry out air recycling or if it resumes the intake of hot air. In this way, energy costs are minimized and the drying process is continuous throughout the 24 hours of the day, thus ensuring the quality of the plant material.