Discover the advantages of the system Black Block


The operation is controlled by an algorithm that chooses, automatically and at any time, the most effective drying process. It is up to the user to choose a longer program – more economical – or a more intensive program – with higher energy costs. From here, and once you have chosen the drying program, the system works in a completely autonomous manner until the end of the process.

Online Control

The system can be accessed locally or remotely from a computer, tablet or smartphone, allowing the initiation of programs, to connect and disconnect devices, to make queries and updates, or access the records of all drying parameters, such as temperature and humidity and levels of functioning of various pieces of equipment. As an alternative to the programs, there is also the possibility to remotely start all equipment from the system, carrying out manual drying processes.

Low investment cost

The innovative way our system is designed leads to a low acquisition cost. From the materials to the technology, everything is thought so as to reduce operating costs.
Its components are industrial application products, able to operate in very demanding conditions, ensuring system longevity.


Our equipment is constantly updated. Our R&D team is permanently alert to the feedback from producers, analyzing their results or designing solutions for their specific needs. Our strong connection to export companies allows us to assess the demands of the external market. We share the scientific knowledge, the fruit of investigation and research of the universities with whom we have protocols with or the insertion in the universe of technological startups where we were hatched – EDP Starter and Microsoft BizPark.


Our systems are designed for the professional and industrial market therefore, they cannot be dependent on the varying atmospheric conditions. Whenever solar energy is not available, hybrid BLACK BLOCK® resorts to auxiliary energy to feed conventional equipment. The programmer´s algorithm manages and stabilizes the drying environment, making the process ongoing, economic and reliable.


With modular solutions from 40 to 120m3 or customized solutions, this system allows the business farmer to scale up his production to the extent of his growth and goals.


This system always prefers the sun´s energy – inexhaustible, clean and free of charge!

The 100% solar version is completely independent of any non renewable source of conventional energy – it allows a 100% reduction of energy costs and 0% of CO2 emissions. The hybrid version, apart from the Sun, uses an auxiliary energy source and can reduce* energy costs by 70% and CO2 emissions by more than 60%.

*when compared to conventional systems and opting for the dual tariff


In addition to the pre-defined and configurable drying programs, BLACK BLOCK® also has a storage program, which turns the drying camera into a warehouse with optimal conditions for winter periods or when drying is not required.


A good drying process requires the control of all parameters, under penalty of total loss of plant material for drying. This was one of the reasons for the emergence of BLACK BLOCK®: to circumvent the difficulties of using renewable energy of varying intensity, as is the case in the use of solar power. In our systems that control is total, given the thermal inertia of the entire system and the possibility of using additional equipment. A standard drying process enables obtaining standard results. In other words, with controlled drying parameters, such as temperature and humidity of the air, the drying environment is stabilized at optimum and constant values: the results obtained are always equally high-quality products, with security in the fulfillment of timings and business requirements.


Energy costs are a critical factor in the agricultural sector. BLACK BLOCK® uses an inexhaustible source of energy – the sun!
Solar collectors capture the radiant energy, heat and store the air and convey it to enter into the drying chamber, even in cloudy periods. On the other hand, its isothermal characteristics allow the retention of heat for long periods and isolate the drying chamber from external nocturnal cold.
The programmer controls the warm air inlets during the day and the operation of the equipment at night or when there is no sun. If the user chooses a dual tariff contract he will achieve a reduction of energy costs by more than 70%.

What they say about us

Ana Matos

“The bio aromatic herbs from our detox juices are dried in black.block driers and recently we also initiated dehydration of goji and apples with excellent results”

Eng. Miguel Barreto

“The bLACK.bLOCK drier works perfectly, it allowed a reduction of costs in relation to what I had initially budgeted, in terms of initial investment and in operational costs too. The way it works is very intuitive and allowed me to fine tune the drying processes, the results that I am obtaining show great quality”

Eng. Miguel BarretoTerra Preta Under the Sun – PAM bio